It doesn’t matter how big or small the job is, Fort McMurray Contractor can get the job done. Our crew has decades of experience and we take pride in being the best at what we do, focusing on quality and delivering the best results in limited time.

Our wide range of services extends from plumbing and electrical work to flooring, dry wall, framing and taping. Are you looking to have your house painted or maybe switch to a textured ceiling, these are all things Fort McMurray Contractor specialize in. From installing kitchen appliances, sinks and faucets in your kitchen or bathroom, or maybe you just want to fix that constant leak. Our technicians will complete the job to your satisfaction.

We are professionally licensed to handle all electrical work such as installation of receptacles, switches and lights or any other electrical issue you might be dealing with. We will ensure you our work will be met with the highest standards possible.

We are professionally licensed to handle all plumbing works such as installation of sinks, showers, toilets, Jacuzzis, dish washers, laundry washers and garburators. We will insure you that are work will be completed with the highest standard possible.

Need help pouring concrete slabs for your basement, garage, driveway or sidewalks? Thinking about grading your front or backyard, placing soil or new sod, planting trees or flowers? We can help you. Our technicians are skilled in this area that requires vision and hard labor.

Fort McMurray handyman is hardworking, efficient, and skilled with intricate knowledge in transforming your house, basement, garden and lawn into the dream house you’ve always wanted. To check out our other services or get assistance, give us a call today.

Please contact us today for free handyman estimation in Fort McMurray at telephone 780-742-6039.